Small Group Tools for Law Students

Bible Studies on Law-Related Topics

This page has has links to a variety of Bible studies that may be useful in your small group.

A Discipleship Guide for CLS Lawyers

Video Discussion Prompts

Episode One

Steve Hinkle, an InterVarsity staffer at Duke, mentions two or three reasons that Christian students should gather on campus. The recommended discussion focuses on the "shaping influence of the American law school," the task of keeping God at the center of one's vision of lawyering, and the courage necessary to engage our peers in the legal academy.

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Episode Two

Rich Sicard, an InterVarsity staffer for the last decade at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, asks about the doubts that law students have when we begin to ask ourselves, "What I am doing here?" Have you ever wondered how you got yourself in this mess and if God really wants you in law school or law practice? Here's an opportunity to discuss it with your classmates and consider some of the provocative questions that Rich raises, such as "Is the law big enough for you?" and "Will you practice law in heaven?"

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A Lawyer’s Journey to Faith and Joy

Mike Schutt on Christian Worldview at Faith & Law Around the Globe 2016

Kim Colby, Newseum’s Five Minutes On Religious Liberty

Mike Schutt on Law & Calling (Regent Chapel Address)

Wally Larson, Where are the Christian Lawyers?

University of Florida Law Fellowship Testimony

Peter Williams on Moral Objections to the Old Testament
Houston CLS Meeting 2016

Mark Lanier: A Lawyer Examines Christianity


Michael P. Schutt, Redeeming Law: Christian Calling and the Legal Profession

Joseph G. Allegretti, The Lawyer’s Calling

Harold Berman, Faith & Order: The Reconciliation of Law and Religion

Jeffrey C. Tuomala, Christ’s Atonement as the Model for Civil Justice

Craig A. Stern, The Common Law and the Religious Foundations of the Rule of Law Before Casey

The Unknown Girl (2016)

The Dardenne Brothers' The Unknown Girl is currently available on Netflix. Have your group watch the movie and then use this discussion guide to lead a conversation.