Chief Legal Officer

Palm Beach Atlantic University
West Palm Beach


The Chief Legal Officer will:

• Demonstrate a well-grounded, authentic, and personal Christian faith, valuing the broader Christian community with a sense of warmth and comfort in an interdenominational setting;

• Hold a JD degree from an ABA accredited institution;

• Have 10+ years of progressively responsible experience within higher education, an established law firm, major company, or large nonprofit;

• Possess the ability to be licensed to practice law in Florida;

• Demonstrate a successful track record of strategic results;

• Broad legal knowledge of and experience with real estate, university development, human resources, finance, investing, and emerging innovations;

• Possess leadership qualities evidenced by outstanding communication skills; the ability to plan, organize, and manage; and the ability to develop and sustain collaborative teams, and engage in interprofessional cross-disciplinary work is necessary.


The Chief Legal Officer will:

• Provide counsel, including, but no limited to, fund development contracts, general contracts, international visas, academics, auxiliary business, health care partnerships, employment agreements and human resource needs, campus master planning, and real estate.

• Assess the legal environments and trends where PBA operates, monitor compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, and provide interpretations and recommendations to the President, Cabinet, Board, and other staff.

• Assess, update, and maintain the organization’s policies and procedures, agreements with partners, board structures, and the compliance, insurance, and risk arena. • Create and review documents, agreements, and contracts with partners and key relationships.

• Possess some knowledge of the legal needs within higher education which may be essential to fulfilling the mission and vision of PBA.

• Prepare reports regarding legal activities to the President, Cabinet, and Board. • Protect the organization’s interests and provide strategic counsel.

• When needed, enlist, and manage outside counsel relationships.

• Advises the President and Board of Trustees on desirable operational adjustments due to proposals and changes within the University and board regulations.

• Invests in continued professional development and success of direct reports as they lead key areas.

• Is an incredible ambassador for Palm Beach Atlantic University and God’s Kingdom personally and professionally.

• Reviews and ensures contracts are accurate and executed effectively.

• Lead human resource and employee development for PBA.

• Manage Title IX and OSHA functions for the university.

• Manages outside legal counsel activities.


The Chief Legal Officer will:

• Be a bold, progressive, innovator with demonstrated engagement, excitement, and healthy team leadership;

• Fully embrace and advance the Christ-First mission of the university while understanding and respecting its historic purposes;

• Develop and maintain effective professional relationships both internally and externally;

• Manage decisions to appropriately address constituent needs and wants while considering budget constraints and security requirements; •

Bring a high level of emotional intelligence with a strong degree of self- and other- awareness

• Be open minded and approachable;

• Articulate the University’s Christ-First mission, vision, and goals, and objectives and “translate” legal topics into understandable concepts to educate all interested parties;

• Capitalize on opportunities for unique opportunities and partnerships;

• Seek suitable partners for the university which can grow as the university achieves its operational and growth goals;

• Work collaboratively with the President and Cabinet and to develop strategies to leverage their strengths to meet the overall goals of the University while addressing the specific needs of the constituent Cabinet members;

• Establish challenging and achievable goals and accept personal responsibility for delivering results;

• Recognize when a change in course is required and seek buy-in from appropriate peers, the President, and trustees as appropriate;

• Possess a high level of energy and enjoyment of challenges in a fast-paced environment, and have a record of self-motivation and personal initiative;

• Display a curiosity toward life and advocate for the integration of faith in learning, faith in living, and faith in service.

Applications & Nominations

Applications and nominations will be accepted until a Chief Legal Officer is appointed. For most favorable consideration, applicants should submit a curriculum vitae or resume and letter of interest addressed to the Chief Legal Officer Search Committee immediately and before September 30, 2021. Nominations, expressions of interest, and applications will be handled with complete confidentiality and should be submitted directly to