Local Events

With CLS attorney chapters in 50 US cites and active fellowships on more than 140 law school campuses, there are always programs, events, and meetings taking place across the country. CLS sends out information on regular meetings and special events in our monthly CLS Social. All CLS members receive the social. Click here to join or add your name to the mailing list.

If you need ideas for your fellowship or chapter, check the links on the side-bar to browse our list of ideas. We are also collecting stories from other groups that may be an encouragement.

National Conference

In the fall of every year, CLS hosts the CLS National Conference. In conjunction with this event, LSM conducts its National Law Student Convention (NLSC) - a time for students to come together for fellowship, sharing, mutual encouragement, and training. In addition to awarding NLSC scholarships for students to attend the convention, LSM will help students to raise money to attend this event through their local chapter.

Regional Retreats

In addition to the National Conference, CLS supports regional retreats, often run by local attorney chapters for lawyers and law students. Annual retreats are currently held near New York City, Seattle, Chicago, and Dallas.

Check for an event near you by following the links on the side-bar menu.