Form a Fellowship

For step-by-step advice and instructions on how to form a successful fellowship and CLS student chapter on campus, please see the LSM Student Chapter Manual, which is distributed to the fellowships every August via the Key Contacts at every law school fellowship.

The manual also contains instructions on how to become a CLS Chapter ("Affiliation Materials"). To view these materials, click here (PDF version). 


In forming a law student fellowship, make sure to understand and engage the campus correctly, building respectful and sound relationships on campus. Specifically, students should keep the following in mind:

  1. Be respectful in your treatment of the administrators and other student groups.
  2. Place "Everyone Welcome" on all materials your chapter posts or distributes.  While CLS continues to require that leaders agree to the CLS Statement of Faith, CLS has always welcomed all students to attend its events and activities.  By placing "Everyone Welcome" on written materials, it makes your policy clear.
  3. Also place a disclaimer on all materials your chapter posts or distributes to the following effect:  "The law school neither sponsors nor endorses CLS's meetings or speech."  Again, this may help to reassure the university that law students will understand that CLS's speech and meetings are not the university's own speech or meetings.  
  4. Build relationships with other student organizations if possible. Begin with obvious allies in other campus ministries, faith groups, and "traditional" groups and branch out as seems wise. We want you to reach out, encouraging your colleagues on campus.